You Can Have the Practice You Desire

Improve Your Business Intelligence

Don't risk the time, effort, and money you've invested in medical school and residency. You can have the practice you desire. Even though they didn't teach you how to run a business, you can still learn how to own a thriving medical practice.
You Can Have the Practice You Desire

It's Not Your Fault

Now is the time to act

  • How do you feel when you are handed the financial reports of your practice?
  • Are you intimidated when you are faced with the financial decisions of your practice?
  • What thoughts and emotions race through your head when you attempt to fix a process in your office? 
  • Do you understand how to utilize productivity reports?
  • How do you prepare for a negotiation? 
  • Are you seeing the results you desire in your negotiation efforts?

Don't risk the time, energy money and emotion you and your loved ones have invested in your medical school and residency. I promise you, it's possible to have the practice you desire. Even though medical school and residency didn't prepare you to run a business, you can still learn how to own a thriving medical practice. 

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I've been where you are. At one time, I was scared by and overwhelmed by the pages and pages of financial​ reports I was handed each month. I, too, felt the pressure of making the right business decisions. With over eighty families depending upon the leadership of my group to get it right, I went back to school to get an MBA. I discovered there are many similarities between medical school and an MBA program. In fact, almost every physician already possesses the skills they need. All they need is to learn how to use them in a different manner. That's what I help you do. I make the information easy to understand, teach you how to apply it, and coach you along the way.
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What Fellow Physicians Are Saying

  • No Longer Afraid

    David Norris' "The Financially Intelligent Physician" helped me de-mystify medical finance. As the president of a mid-sized private medical group I have always felt insecure as I began analyzing our numbers. I was often wary of the other side of the table, afraid the lawyers and barons of industry would pull one over on me. Now I view the interaction as a partnership and my understanding of how I bring value to our clients is more clear than ever. By reading this book I began to level that playing field.”- Jacob Arnett, MD, Anesthesiologist, Spokane, WA

  • This is What Every Residency Needs

    In this course, Dr. Norris presents what every physician who cares about the financial viability of his practice should know. It teaches basic financials that we do not learn in medical school or residency. The course is easy to navigate and simplifies the process of analyzing any practice’s financials. It should part of the curriculum of every residency program! - Fadi Joudi, MD, Urologist, Wichita, KS

  • Filling a Desperate Need

    Having just completed the course, I can say Dr. Norris has created something much-needed in the physician community. He has taken the most pertinent topics from MBA Finance and Accounting courses and condensed them down to only about three hours of videos, all the while keeping his examples focused on a medical practice. Along with each video is a .pdf file that makes it convenient to take notes and file in a notebook for future reference. I highly recommend this course to any physician who is considering going into private practice, desires an understanding of the financial health of their current practice, or those who are in an administrative role in any medical setting. - Matthew Nunley, DO - Resident, Oklahoma City, OK

What We Offer

  • Financial Intelligence

    Learn how to use the financial reports of your practice. Make better business decisions

  • Negotiations

    We negotiate almost everything in life. You can learn to become an effective negotiator. Discover a proven and effective system that will prepare you to win your next negotiation.

  • Process Improvement

    Process improvement doesn't have to be complicated. Learn how to quickly and efficiently improve any process or system in your organization.

  • Coaching

    Every professional athlete has a coach that assists them attains their goals. We can help you achieve your objectives today.

Why You Need This Knowledge

Did you go to medical school and take on thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars of debt to fail running your own practice?

Did you spend years in residency to be just another healthcare provider? 

Do you wish you knew how to win business differences of opinion and negotiations with an administrator but feel helpless? 

If you want what is best for your patient, combine your medical expertise with the business intelligence I will help you attain.

Whether you work for yourself or within a larger organization, you can have the practice you desire if you possess business intelligence.

With our online courses, you develop those essential skills that will propel into the future you desire. 

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